A Decentralized Big Data and Machine Learning Network

Powered by a Computing-Centric Blockchain

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Chains-on-Chain Architecture

Master Chain

Stores the asset information such as state, transaction, receipt, and contract.

Computering Side Chain

Supports the specific computing task on the DxChain virtual machine(DVM)

Data Side Chain

It is built upon a P2P file storage system, and stores the non-assets information


Smart City

DxChain users can directly run machine learning analysis on the dataset which sensors generate each day and create actionable business intelligence report to guide their business daily decisions. Our ecosystem developer could leverage it to build their own machine learning Dapp.


Reduce cost for storing data and traffic. Data encrypted and stored in blockchain in a tractable and secure way. Data exchange and sharing is enabled using DxChain’s data model to standardize data. Machine learning enables healthcare vendors to build own AI to monitor patient’s health and to send in critical vital signals.

AI Model Training

DxChain, a decentralized big data and machine learning blockchain could let the AI vendors benefit in many ways. Our ecosystem developer could leverage DxChain to build their own machine learning Dapp.